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  1. Robert

    Wonderful expressive writing. Your trademark breathtaking honesty. Very touching.
    This “holiday season” magnifies apartness and loneliness. Hang in there. Go out. A smile from a stranger could be code for. “I share that feeling.”
    I want to take you out to lunch!

  2. aegoss2012

    Solitude and loneliness are like the faces of Janus, the god of beginnings and endings, time and duality. Each infers the other, but what differentiates them is a kind of emotional polarity. Solitude presses outward, forming a meditative sphere within which the mind is free to reflect, recall, and imagine. Loneliness is a void that aches to be filled, but from without, for within lie demons. Being alone, alone-ness, itself has no charge, it is the reaction of the mind that determines the polarity, and over that we have little control.

    All we can do, the solitary and the lonely, is to reach out to each other, so that we know that while still lonely, we are not truly alone.

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