This Is Not My Beautiful Life


There is a moment in all of our lives when we realise that things are not going as we’d planned…

… that there is a significant gap between what we thought our life was going to be and how it’s actually shaping up. Elly Varrenti knows this only too well. Childhood dreams give way to ill-fated careers, desperate loves and crazy Christmas lunches. But in between navigating the fierce bonds of family, endless co-parenting arrangements and complex relationships with the opposite sex, she finds there are unexpected moments of hilarity and joy.

Elly Varrenti’s memoir is about living life at full tilt, even if it means facing up to a life that’s not anything like the one you dreamt of.

Smart and wry, touching and dead honest.

Praise for This Is Not My Beautiful Life

A very funny book. I laughed out loud. Margaret Throsby ABC FM

A beguiling voice. The Age Newspaper

Intelligent and witty. Good Reads

Bloody terrific!  Catherine Deveny ABC 774

Loved it! Richard Fidler ABC Brisbane


One thought on “This Is Not My Beautiful Life

  1. This is a deeply affecting account of a life lived as the cards fell. Should be required reading for anyone who is at any point on life’s journey. That includes men.

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